Importance Of Studying Vestigial Structures

Vestigial Structures is one of the biggest evidences presented by Charles Darwin to support the Theory of Evolution. These are body organs that seems to be useless or plays only secondary functions to us, thus deemed insignificant to our life as human. These organs are said to be remnants of our previous evolution stages, because these are observed to be useful in our primate cousins.

Why is Studying Vestigial Structures Important?

Aside from supporting as evidence to the Theory of Evolution, studying such rudimentary organs also have some other importance. This valuable point circles around the labeling of “useless” to certain body organs, which could be critical especially when talking about medical sciences.

For instance, the tonsils in our throat are deemed to be useless for quite some time in the past, and is accepted as one of the vestigial structures in our body. Thousands of surgeries are conducted to remove tonsils in cases of inflammation and infection, only to find out that it serves a role in the immune system. Tonsils helps in blocking viruses and bacteria from our nose and mouth, and prevents it from going directly to vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

There are organs that are removed from the list of vestigial structures because of such issue. Medical experts don’t want to simply remove any organs through surgeries that might cause adverse effects to the patients later on. Albeit there are organs that are obviously useless such as the male nipples, this importance of studying these rudimentary organs are aimed at those which could have still unknown functions.

Knowing more about the mysterious organs in our body can help medical sciences to improve and provide better services to mankind. While you read about its significance to the Theory of Evolution, it would be best to know about the issues surrounding it that could affect you anytime.

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